What is the active ingredient contained in Fenivir®?

Fenivir® contains 10 mg/g Penciclovir 2 g.7

Is this the same ingredient contained in most cold sore creams?

No. Fenivir® is the only brand available in South Africa that contains penciclovir.

What does the Fenivir® cream look like?

On application Fenivir® is white in colour but dries clear.

Will Fenivir® treat the symptoms of a cold sore?

Yes, Fenivir® treats the pain and noticeability of a cold sore.7

How quickly will Fenivir® work?

Fenivir® is clinically proven to treat cold sores fast3,4, reducing healing time by an average of 2 days3,4. Fenivir® is clinically proven to treat cold sores 2 days faster than acyclovir2.

Is Fenivir® clinically researched in the treatment of cold sores?

Yes. Fenivir® is clinically proven to effectively treat cold sores in large clinical trials.7

What side effects may result from the use of Fenivir®?

Brief burning, stinging and numbness have rarely been reported.7

Can Fenivir® be used for sores on the inside of the mouth?

Fenivir® cannot be used inside the mouth: according to the package insert, Fenivir® should not be applied to the mucous membranes, even though systemic absorption of Fenivir® has been shown to be minimal.7